Roulette - A Winning Strategy


Welcome to the official website of Roulette - A Winning Strategy, By Dr Martin Blakey.


An informative yet light-hearted and entertaining read, Roulette – A Winning Strategy is a must-have for any roulette enthusiast, as it proposes a revolutionary new roulette system - using Chaos Theory - instead of the traditional Theory of Probability, called the MB Strategy.



The roulette game has been around for generations and is a favourite of casino traditionalists. Although there is an abundance of roulette systems out there, few have been developed over decades of meticulous record-keeping and research as the MB System has.

Aiming to showcase the best roulette strategy available to punters using simple mathematics, Roulette - A Winning Strategy, by Dr Martin Blakey shows that roulette betting systems can indeed work, whether with large or small waging bets. This site gives roulette enthusiasts an opportunity to purchase and subsequently learn a roulette betting strategy that might just have the casinos worried! 


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"This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary man"

- Howard Marks

AKA Mr Nice



“(A) Roulette star passing on his system”

- The Sunday Tasmanian



"A respected authority on gambling systems"

- Department of Justice - Victoria

Office of Trading & Business Affairs



"Martin Blakey is a super-punter, one of a the few hundred high rollers whom the casinos are wiling to fly first-class around the country, to accomodate in suites, to foot the bill for the Ramon Allones and the Royal Salute Scotch whiskey just for the pleasure of his company in the inner sanctum where the Hawkes and Packers play"

- The Herald